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HR brand identity

Project Overview

A design refresh of branded materials for MB HR Support to re-energise their marketing ready for the Business Show, London.


1/ Assess the overall vision for the business, it’s brand identity and position in the market

2/ Refresh the logo design to express more energy and personality

3/ Develop the business presence to sit well amongst brands of future customers

4/ Enable Mandy to feel confident about progressing the business by creating a clear visual language to be applied to all marketing materials

What we did

Mandy came to us for help with her marketing materials specifically for the Business Show where she was going to exhibit. We discussed the reason for going and the follow-up action she expected from the show. We decided together that it was a perfect time to refresh the brand and put in place a clear visual language to be used consistently across display materials, the website and touch points including business cards and flyers.

First, we worked together to assess the current positioning, what needed to change and why. Once we had a clear picture of the impression we wanted to make, the creative could be started. We introduced new colours and updated the fonts used in the logo to bring it up to date and inject more energy without pushing too far away from the original. We then worked simultaneously on display stand graphics and leaflet designs, all the time referring back to the desired brand positioning.


Mandy is thrilled with the new look and feels it has given her a chance to regroup and look in depth at how she wants to position the business. It has enabled Mandy to feel confident about progressing the business. We have developed a professional brand identity with personality and impact.

The next step is to redesign the company website in line with the new brand positioning and visual language.

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