I’ve got 5 reasons why being your own boss is brilliant when you’re a parent!

Being a parent and your own bossWhen both parents work, childcare is difficult to manage and unpredictable. Nursery was easy, open from 7am until 6pm. We can fit in a days work within those hours. However, our children will have to go to school, school hours do not tie in with working hours and children get sick. This is where the flexibility of running your own business comes into play…

1. School drop off and collection is easy.

We can plan accordingly.

2. Fear not!

No asking the boss for permission to take holiday. We can be flexible when organising the balance of childcare and keeping our clients during the school holidays.

3. No competing!

Ever experienced the office rush to get your holiday requests in to secure the dates you need in the school holidays? Not necessary.

4. One hour? Three hours? I can choose.

Taking half an hour out of the working day for school events is no problem. Especially as school is close to home. Class assembly is coming up. It’s for half an hour but can’t be missed. Our hours are flexible because we make up the rules.

5. No need to panic!

When children are off sick from school, you can be there for them with less stress. Likelihood is if they are too sick to go to school they will need rest and sleep at home. So it’s still possible to get any essential emails done while caring for poorly children.

Of course there are cons to being your own boss too, but I think the pros far outweigh them.