Imagine a world without the iconic triangle?

Let me tell you a story.

I want to walk you through the graphic world of the triangle. Can you imagine a world without it?

Take one triangle. Face it to the right for the PLAY button.

Triangle as the Play icon

Add a second triangle and it means FAST FORWARD. Turn that 180° and you get REWIND.


Add a rectangle to an upwards facing triangle for EJECT.


Lets log on to the Internet. A downward facing triangle reveals a sub menu. It even has a name – the ‘disclosure triangle’.


Lets change direction and add some colour. Add a red line around the outside of the triangle and we have a warning triangle and many signposts recognised worldwide.


Fill it in and change it to green and we have a Christmas Tree.


Add the letters ‘y h a’ to see the iconic YHA logo.


Or change it to red and it’s the BASS logo. This was the first logo to be awarded a British trademark in 1876.


Strip it back to a black outline with thicker line on the right and it is the DELTA symbol.


Make triangles out of chocolate and it’s a Toblerone!

And the story goes on. Here are some iconic logos featuring the triangle:

Well known logos featuring triangles

So big it up for one of the strongest shapes structurally. Make it 3D and you have a pyramid – one of the wonders of the world.


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