How to achieve great branding?

First things first make sure you know the following about your business:

  • Your product or service offering
  • Your Unique Selling Point (USP)
  • Your tag line (if you have one)
  • Your target market
  • Your values
  • Your ethos of your company
  • The personality of your business

With these points nailed you can start to create the face of your business – the identifier – your logo. This is as important to any small business including sole traders as it is to the corporate giants. Many logos have their own nickname they are so successful – the Nike Swoosh, the Golden Arches.

Nike swoosh and golden arches branding

Develop your brand personality

Have you heard of the Build-a-Bear Factory? The process is a bit like branding. You choose the colour and size of bear. You choose a name. You choose the clothes it is going to wear. You choose the sound it is going to make. Do the same with your brand. Create a brand that reflects the personality of your business. Whatever the size your business, it may be useful to create brand guidelines. At the very least this would include:

  • Your Logo and its variations. (How does it look in black and white? How does it look on social media?)
  • Specify the colours in your logo and any secondary colours to be used in literature and on your website
  • The fonts you will use

And then be faithful to your brand

Continuity and consistency is key. If you go ‘off piste’ then potential customers will get confused and think they are looking at another business. It is all part of being visible and easy to find.

Create a great brand by creating the face and personality of your business. Get this right by always referring back to your business USP, values and target market.

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