Get return on investment with your exhibition space

When you book an exhibition stand you are allocated a space. But it is limited so use it wisely. The space next door and next door to that is likely to be a competitor. So get return on your investment by planning your whole space carefully to draw in potential clients/customers. Here are 5 top tips on how to do that and what to avoid.

White space creates pause

Tip 1 – Space out

Yes, I mean it. Space may be at a premium but it does not mean you have to fill it. If you fill that space there is no room for delegates! Do not over fill your stand with banners, counters and stools. Plan where you will stand to talk to people. Remember not to stand in front of any information panels you may have. Allow people to freely wander in and out of your space.

Tip 2 – Clear information

It is so irritating to see people fill their banner stands and pop up stands right to the floor with information only to place a lectern or counter in front of it. If you need a counter for leaflets or a laptop then make the banner space behind it clear with no text.

Tip 3 – Easy to read

It is uncomfortable for delegates to strain to read anything below knee height. Nobody wants to have to crouch down to read your display. Use that space for graphics or photography or your brand colours. Do not put important written information in this area.

Tip 4 – White space

Sometimes you just have to leave it white or at the very least plain. Imagine you have framed a great picture and hang it on your wall. But what will you do with the space around it? If you fill that space will the impact be the same? No. Give your message some space to increase impact.

Tip 5 – Communicate with your graphic designer

When designing your promotional material tell your designer exactly what you need in your stand including any furniture or screens. They can then design your banner stand graphics to have the most impact and ensure return on investment.

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