Get people talking with your exhibition display

Made you look closer

Keep it simple

I’ll say it again – keep it simple! The more crowded your space is the less people will read. People will scan your stand for interest. If it grabs their attention they will rescan to see if it is relevant. If it is relevant they will want to know more … Bingo. You have started a conversation.

So what content on your stand will get people talking to you?

  • Ensure you branding is clear. For some you are introducing your brand, others will recognise your brand. Show who you are and what you do in an instant.
  • Gain trust with your professional approach. That means no spelling mistakes, use good quality images, and write clearly, concisely and honestly.
  • Tell your potential customers the benefits they will gain. Make it relevant and people will want to know more.

Starting a conversation with potential clients is your aim. Use your exhibition space to make it happen.

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