Are you are judged by your Freebies?

free gift from Leach Print

Of course you are!

I’m going to an exhibition event. I’m excited about finding new, interesting, helpful and inspiring things. I’ve arrived and I am handed the official exhibition bag of freebies. I feel even better now. A gift and a useful bag with cool show branding on it.

Visitors always want freebies, even some of the bad ones! But what do your freebies say about you?

I want to look inside my freebie bag of goodies. But I keep the bag closed in case it’s all leaflets and no gifts. That would truly dampen my mood.

The freebie is an opportunity to say the right thing, excite your customers and make them feel great.

I scan stalls from a distance careful not to get pounced on with a hard sell. Some freebies are worth the risk. I love a free cake or chocolate. A free pen – I do use them and I am likely to remember the brand. A mouse mat is a no thank you. A stress ball would probably go to the kids and ultimately be lost over the fence so not a keeper for me. A toy car however, would be a great gift to take home for the children and earn some brownie points.

A free sweet or chocolate (individually wrapped of course) is always welcome to a weary visitor. Energised delegates equal interest and enthusiasm.

Amongst exhibitors freebies don’t go unnoticed either. If your stand is the one with the ‘good’ freebies then you earn respect from your peers, that’s worth something and it gives your brand confidence at an event.

So make good decisions when you exhibit right down to the freebie that can put your business a step ahead.

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