To create impact is not just about being bold.

If everything is bold on the page then nothing will stand out.

We invest in great designers to help us to get the attention of our prospects. This often goes hand in hand with the need to create impact.

But how do we create visual impact? I have explored 15 examples using pairs, partners and opposites. Look at the words underlined. Which word relates most to your business? Use this to help you create impact in your marketing whether that is through imagery, story telling or writing impactful headlines.

Impact using PairsA pair of eyes give their full attention

  1. A pair of shoes is complete
  2. A pair of eyes gives you their full attention
  3. A pair of headlights are illuminating
  4. A pair of dice increase your options
  5. A pair of legs enables balance


 Impact using Partnerscreate impact with effective partners

  1. A lock with a key is effective
  2. Use conditioner after shampoo for a polished finish
  3. Belt and braces – one backs up the other
  4. Fish and Chips are reassuringly British


Impact using Oppositesimpact-hierarchy

  1. Light and dark on a page creates contrast
  2. Big next to small shows hierarchy and importance
  3. Past and present tell a story of progression
  4. Inside and outside give different perspective
  5. True or False creates wonder and intrigue
  6. Noisy against quiet creates dynamic communication

So you see that to create impact it is more than just making something bold.

If everything is bold on the page then nothing will stand out.

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